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Story of detailworks


It all started back in my teens when I saw my first custom painted truck. I was so astonished by the beauty of the design, the colours, the lines and the motives that blended into each other. I just couldn't believe my eyes!

From that moment on I've always kept it in my subconscious that I one day will be an airbrush artist.


Fast forward ten years and I faced some life changing experiences that forced me to start a new chapter in my life. I suddenly realised how powerful it is to surround yourself with positive and right minded people if you want to follow your dreams and go beyond average.

At the same time I picked up airbrushing as a hobby, and I loved it!

For a few years I kept it just like a hobby and painted sporadically.

Later in the summer of 2019 I decided to take a leap towards the uncertain and fulfill my dreams, so in december of 2019 detailworks Ab was founded.

Then the jurney started to build the shop with all that means, get the right partners in place, build the team and finally receive a brand new paint boot for making sure that the conditions are in place both for human aswell as the products.


Our motto is - "it's all about the details" and our vision is to at all time cater a high-end finish for our customers.

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